Point of Sale

Incredibly easy to set up, it delivers an amazing experience for customers and staff.

Hoof POS Application

Our point of sale app allows you to turn any device with a wireless connection into a cash register.

Product and Service Management

Our product and service catalogue allows you to more quickly create invoices and take all payments.

  • Create a catalogue of your products and services.
  • Add options like pricing type, discounts and VAT levels.
  • Tap a payment type and simply add items from the catalogue.
Small Business Owner Checking Incoming Payments


Offer your customers and staff a complete, fast and secure checkout experience with payment using the secure card scanner, manual card number input or by recording cash deposits. Quickly create a bill with custom amounts or add items from your product catalogue.

Waitress Taking Payment in Restaurant
Food Truck Employees Taking Card Payment

How Hoof Can Benefit Your Business

Market Flower Seller Preparing an Order
Market Stalls
Quickly login to the POS app on your smartphone and ensure you never need to miss a sales opportunity however your customer wants to pay.
Selection of Tools on Worktop
Home and Repair
Send invoices with in-built online card payment for faster and safer payment collection and auto-reminders for overdue payments.
Graphic Designer Working In Office
Professional Services
Find business and offer your services online. Take payments over the phone or through invoices, track and manage outstanding balances.
Self-employed Fitness Instructor Working with Client
Fitness and Wellbeing
Offer your customers a full range of payment options including sending invoices to repeat customers and face-to-face card payments for convenience.

Staff Management

Our solution supports companies that have multiple field-based staff that will each be logged into their own account on their device.
Add and remove staff
Generate separate reports for each agent
Manage permissions
Card Scanner

No need to purchase or rent a card reader and no need to worry about keeping it charged or dealing with connectivity issues. Just open up the app on your smartphone and use the camera to scan your customer card. Secure, simple and fully compliant according to the PCI DSS regulations.

Women Taking Payment in Clothing Store

Get a multitude of reports to view real-time and historical insight into your sales including breakdowns by payment type, staff member and location. In addition, see sent and invoices paid and overdue.

Team Working on Reports

A Complete POS Solution

Setup, and then utilise, the product catalogue to quickly create your customer’s bill or invoice.
Take payments using your smartphone or remotely accept card payments directly from invoices.
Go to reports to see a breakdown of all payments by payment method, status or member of staff.

Our Pricing

£0 /month
No Set-Up Fee
£29 /month
No Set-Up Fee