PoS Features

Everything you need to run your business including payments, invoicing, quotations and analytics.
In the field, professional services, remote or in-person.


Accepting payments

Accept in person, over the phone, and online Visa and Mastercard payments.  You can also accept Amex payments over the phone or online.

Store card details

Save customer’s card details on file with their consent and instantly take payments on their behalf.  They will receive a transaction receipt.

Payment types

Checkout instantly or email an invoice to your customer.  Customers can pay their invoice online or you can take payment over the phone or in person.

Recurring invoices

Creating recurring invoices with instant payments allow for regular payments for repeat orders or subscriptions.

Installment functionality

Allow invoices to be paid in installments by taking multiple payments over a period of time.

Cash payments

If your customer insists on using cash, that’s not a problem, as cash payments can also be registered through the app.

Processing refunds

Process full or partial refunds for checkout and invoice payments. Refunds can be made for specific items ensuring VAT values are calculated correctly at all times.


Payment charges

We don’t charge for payouts.  You will receive your funds into your nominated bank account approx 3-4 days after processing your payment.

Payout regularity

Payouts are done daily to make sure your cash flow keeps flowing.


PCI-DSS obligations

Hoof and our partner comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DDS).  You do not need to complete a PCI self-assessment questionnaire, as our hardware and software complies with the PCI DSS regulations on your behalf.

Data encryption

From the moment a customer uses their card or enters their card details on our app, the card data is encrypted. Tokenisation is used to ensure card data never enters your device or application.

Payment encryption

The payment processing systems encrypt data so that no outside sources can access sensitive information and the card reader includes full P2PE encryption to protect card data. As an extra security measure, the card reader wipes any stored encryption keys if it is ever tampered with or internally damaged.

Create an Order


Fill the catalogue with goods and services and quickly add them to an order. Give items a Name and description, set the VAT and give it a price.

Creating items

Items can be fixed price or charged on a per unit basis.  Give the unit a name of your choice.  If the price of the item varies from sale to sale, that’s no problem, item prices can be defined when adding them to the basket.

Custom items

Create one off custom items for bespoke purchases.  Information is saved on the order but doesn’t fill up your catalogue.

Applying discounts

Apply discounts to individual items as well as the total order.  You can discount by percentage or a monetary value.

Grouping items

Create categories to group items together making them easier to find in the catalogue.  Categories will also appear in your reports.

Transaction Receipts

Receipt options

If a customer would like a receipt of payment these can be emailed directly from within the app.  For recurring payments or saved card payments receipts are sent out automatically. Receipts are itemised, including all discounts and applicable taxes.



Add catalogue items to an invoice or create custom items before emailing the invoice to your customer or downloading it.

Card payments

Allow customers to pay invoices online using Visa, Mastercard or Amex.


Get notified when an invoice is paid or becomes overdue.

Auto reminders

Send automatic reminders to encourage customers to complete payment within your terms.

Auto invoice creation

No need to keep repeating the same invoice time and time again.  Set an invoice to repeating and the app will automatically create the invoice according to the selected schedule.


Itemised quotes

Create itemised quotes using items from the catalogue or by creating custom items.  Add titles and descriptions for all goods or services as well as quantities, discounts and VAT amounts.

Sending quotes

Issue quotes via email.  Customer’s can accept the quote online which will update the app and trigger a notification.

Convert quotes

Turn a quote directly into an invoice with one click of a button.

Customer profiles

Customer info

Save customer contact information and billing information for easy access when you need it.

Individual reports

Easily find quotes, invoices and payments associated with customers.

Staff Management

Staff reports

Create unique logins for each staff member.  Filter quotes, invoices and payments by staff members and use reports to analyse staff activity.

Site management

Staff can be assigned to a site. This allows for filtering the app and reporting information by location.

Manager access

Provide manager access to those who need to manage their staff.  They will only have access to staff at their site.

Admin access

Administration access rights provide access to all staff profiles and reports.


Contract terms

No long term contract.  Stop using our free package whenever you want.  Our paid for packages are paid monthly in advance with no minimum term.

Transaction rates

Simple card processing prices. Just two rates, one for card present transactions and another for over the phone or online payments.  It’s the same rate regardless of the card type.

Monthly fees

No minimum fee.  If you don’t take a payment then only pay for your package.  If you are using our free package then it won’t cost you a penny.

Data Insights


Check the web app dashboard for quick access to important information such as the date and amount of your next payout, high level sales figures, and information about your latest quotes and invoices.


Understand the best and worst selling items and categories via reports.  Or analyse sales, invoices and quotes stats for a given time period.