We offer integrations with numerous software providers, to help you keep everything connected


Works with your favourite platforms

We offer integrations with numerous software providers including email marketing software, calendars and accounting platforms. We are currently working on adding new integrations for various functions, so keep checking for updates.


Integration with Quickbooks is easy and gives you the opportunity to connect with affordable online accounting software.

We providers the opportunity to automatically sync products and services, customers and transactions between the Hoof platform and Quickbooks, keeping your financial accounts up to date and saving hours of work.

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Integration with Mailchimp is simple and gives you the flexibility of connecting with the worlds most popular email marketing software.

We allow you to automatically sync customers to your subscriber list, allowing easy connection between your mailing list and Hoof customer database. And remember, the basic packages with Mailchimp are free!

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Google calendar

Integration with Google Calendar is easy and allows you to connect with the worlds most popular calendar platform.

This is why we make it easy to automatically sync events such as Jobs and Holidays from the Hoof platform into your Google Calendar account. And remember, Google Calendar is free for everyone!

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If there are any integrations you think we should add, please get in touch with us and we will see what we can do.