Payments By Invoice

Invoice and win business on-the-go

Help Your Business Succeed

Instant Invoice Creation
On-the-go through our app or a browser, utilize customer profiles, your catalogue or quotations to create and send invoices in seconds.
Mobile Card Payments Reports
Automated Tracking
Quickly and easily see what invoices are paid and which are outstanding to better understand your cash flow and business situation.
Mobile Worker Checking Invoice Notifications
Get Paid Quicker
Seamless, one-click card payment from any device or over the phone makes for a much friendlier customer experience and faster payment.
Field Business Improving Productivity
Be more productive
As well as auto-reminders, you can create a customer profile, save a card to it and set up auto-billing, among many other time consuming features.
Mobile Worker Giving Quotation
Convert Quotations
It is quick and easy to create quotations, and then even easier to convert them into invoices - leaving you with more time to focus on getting work.
Small Business Payments Insight
Get Business Insight
Quickly see paid and unpaid invoices to better understand your cash flow and business situation.

Quotations Integration

Quotations are an essential part of running your business and shouldn’t be in an additional app.
Create a quote manually or from items in your catalogue
Instantly convert those quotations into invoices with no additional work
Enable your customers to accept quotes online
Impress customers with your brand
Easily revise and resend
Utilise templates with key information to save time
Monitor and get notifications on the progress of a quotation.

Additional Features

More Easily Do Taxes
Quickly see how much money you have earned, how much VAT you have collected, and download your invoices as PDFs if HMRC requires to see them.
Free To Use
There are no monthly charges on using our invoicing software, you just pay a 2.5% fee on tractions.
Woman Working on Computer at Desk

Take Your Business to The Next Level

Professional quotations and invoices with your logo, get you paid faster and help you leave a better impression on your customer.

Our Pricing

Monthly Costs
Per Card Transactions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Hoof and other invoicing software?

There are lots of companies that offer invoicing software with features like templates. However, Hoof is a payment solution provider and therefore we can offer card payment direct from the invoice to make it more convenient for your customer to pay, and you to get your money faster.

Why are the fees higher for invoicing compared to with the card reader?

Invoicing, like making a purchase on a website, is known as card not present, whereas when a purchase is made with a card reader the business can see the card and the card owner. Hence, for the former, more security is followed and across the industry there are slightly higher rates.

Are the invoice payment links secure?

Absolutely. When the link is clicked your customer is taken off to a secure payment gateway in the same way as they would when making a purchase on a website. Hoof has industry standard security for all its products.

How does your invoicing software help me run my business?

Besides in-built card payments to improve cash flow, features like notifications, auto reminders, templates, reports, and our service catalogue enable you to create invoices faster, look more professional, track unpaid invoices easier and get a better view of your overall sales.