Virtual Terminal

Use a computer to take secure card payments over the phone.
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Only 1.5% per transaction

Don’t miss a payment opportunity!

A virtual terminal is key tool of mail order and telesales teams, but in all industries there are customers who prefers to pay over the phone.

You just need a computer

Login to Hoof and go to Virtual Terminal
Our virtual terminal is a secure PCI-DSS environment where you can safely add card details.
Enter card details or use a card saved
Use the product and service catalogue, or manually enter a figure, to set the payment amount, and then input your customers card number.
Take the payment and you are finished.
Your customer’s record will be updated, and you can go to reports to get see payments by date, payment type and much more.

We Have Everything Covered

Save Card Details
If you are billing someone on a recurring basis, we allow you to securely save their card details and take the agreed to payments without the need to keep sending invoices.
Data security
Our security procedures mean fraudulent cards are tracked and card data is kept absolutely safe at every step of the way.
Dispute Resolution
If there are any payment disputes, we ensure you can keep focused on your business while we liaise with the banks.

What is a Virtual Terminal?

A virtual terminal turns your computer into a credit card terminal—it allows you to securely manually process payments right from a web browser. It’s great for remote billing or taking card payments over the phone.

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Our Pricing

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